Basic Korean #2 – Topping Up T-Money

One of the very first thing to have when going Korea is to have their T-Money, also known as EZ-Link Card to Singaporeans. T- Money can be used for many purposes. One of the main purpose is for Transportation purposes. It can also be used when Purchasing items in Convenience Stores.

Topping up of T-Money is very convenient since it can be done at any convenient store or subway station. But the main question here is: HOW TO SAY IT?

Just remember this statement:

Please top up 5,000 won on my T-money card.
티머니 카드에 오천원 충전해 주세요.
T-money card-de-eh oh-chon-won chung-jon-hae ju-sae-yo.
티머니, T-money, T-money
카드에, card-de-eh, card
오천원, oh-chon-won, 5000 + won
충전해, chung-jon-hae, recharge
주세요, ju-sae-yo, give me

The value can be changed of course.

10,000 won: man-won
20,000 won: ee-man-won


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