Korea Fun Fact #1 – Metro Station

Metro (commonly known as MRT for Singaporeans) is one of the most convenient public transport in Korea. Although the stations are very much complicated as compared to Singapore, Metro itself has some interesting facts that you might want to take note of before your trip to Korea.

STAIRCASE is everywhere!

Unlike Singapore which has escalators and lifts in every station, that is not the case in Korea. You may find lifts and escalators at the newer lines and that is about it. The only way to get out is by conquering the long flight of staircase!

When Train Approaches…

In Singapore, there are only small screens showing how many minutes before the next train approaches. However, in Korea, some stations have those little lights in the train and sometimes on the glass panel while people are waiting for the train, signalling the number of “intervals” before the train arrives at the station.

Other than that, a song will also be played when the train is approaching the station! Different lines play different songs, although it only applies to some stations. This is still more interesting compared to hearing announcements like in Singapore.

Song varies in different parts of Korea and in different stations.

Seoul Metro “Fanfare”

Seoul Metro “Bells”

Busan Metro Traditional Music

Eating and Drinking is Allowed!

The title explains it. You are free to eat and drink, be it on the platforms or on the train. You can also find vending machines and small mini-mart stores in the station. Water coolers are also conveniently located outside the toilet at each station.


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